General Remodeling

    Sometimes, it’s not just your kitchen or bathroom that needs a new remodeling job. At Kirkland Construction and Remodeling, we can do almost every kind of major remodeling job you have. This includes a wide assortment of projects such as a new painting job, additional roofing, room additions, or simply adding new floors! Our professional team and staff have years of experience in working with a wide variety of homes, projects, and clients. Let our experienced staff help you realize your home’s fullest potential!

    We are proud to help you with all types of general projects including:

    • Fireplace Installation¬†
    • Lighting Fixtures and Design
    • Alcove Installation
    • Flooring
    • Interior and Exterior Wall Painting
    • Room Demolition
    • Window Installation
    • Ceiling Re-Painting and Re-Texturing