Room Addition

    Everything from remodeling your basement to expanding the size of an existing room, or even building a brand new room attached to your home, at Kirkland Construction and Remodeling we have you covered. Room additions are a great way to create a new studio, home-office, a guest room or even an entertainment room.

    Imagine having a place for your friends to come over and hang out without disturbing the rest of your family. Or simply creating space for your friends and relatives to stay at when needed. Whatever your reasons, we strive to make sure that your new room will meet all regulatory rules, is up to code, and has the best designers on the job.

    We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of options and are happy to customize the additional room of your dreams. We guarantee that we use

    • Professional Design and Craftsmanship¬†
    • Highest quality materials
    • Non Toxic – Eco Friendly Materials
    We understand that room addition can seem like an arduous process to go through. And for anyone trying to do it by themselves it can be an entirely overwhelming problem! Don’t let yourself get caught in a horrible mess, that could cost you thousands of dollars later. Kirkland Construction and Remodeling has experience in handling all forms of room additions. We provide the most professional builders, contractors, and the highest quality materials. Let us make your home the home of your dreams!¬†